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A Passion for the Road

    At the
Museum of the Open Road (MOTOR), our passion is the American highway: how it affects our lives and shapes the nation. We are also intrigued by what we can learn by driving the highways and simply paying attention.

    We offer audio booksCDs, iPod, and mp3 downloads–to play in your vehicle while driving specific interstate highways. Each audio tour provides a timed commentary on the region you are going through. Topics featured in the programs include: 

  • The history and development of the region

  • Stories of its people: why they came here, why they stayed

  • Interviews with residents

  • Local customs, foods, festivals

  • The shape of the land and how it got that way

  • The region's natural history and resources

  • Agricultural crops you see from the road: What's grown here and why

  • Business and industry: past, present, and future

  • Folklore, arts, music of the area

  • The highway itself: how it came to be and why it is where it is

  • Even oddities you encounter along the road

    We regard what we see from the road as exhibits in our museum. They tell us about our home towns, our communities, and our country. They help us better understand each otherand ourselves.

    Current audio tourstapes and CDscover interstates throughout Ohio. Audio travel programs covering other interstates are in the works. We offer these as a resource for Ohio tourism and for those interested in a road-by-road account of Ohio history. We also offer our services to clients for audio programs created for their specific needs.

    In this website we'll introduce you to the routes we now offerfor highlights, click on current routes and then choose one of the programs. There are also stories drawn from the regions served by MOTOR programs. An archive of Stories from the Road is available by following the link. We hope you will return often to sample America's heritage as discovered from the Open Road.


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