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STORIES from the Road

   To travel is to find stories. Following are some stories from the road featured in previous months.

March, 2007: Barns

February, 2007: The Poet with "God's Gift of Song"

January, 2007: So What's a Buckeye?

MOTOR Communities

    As we travel the interstates, we see signs announcing towns at each interchange.  Most of these we just pass on by–the communities are little more than names to us. But each town has its own life; each town has its stories. In this section, we'll tell some of these stories. This is not intended as a complete introduction, but rather a glimpse into the life of that community we're passing by on the interstate. Following are communities served by MOTOR programs, whose stories we have featured in previous months.

December, 2006: Sandusky, Ohio

November, 2006: The Darby Plains

October, 2006: Dayton, Ohio

September, 2006: Enon, Ohio

July/August, 2006: 50th Anniversary of the Interstate Highway System

June, 2006: Clyde and Winesburg, Ohio

May, 2006: Massillon, Ohio

April, 2006: Columbus, Ohio

March, 2006: Mt. Gilead, Ohio

February, 2006: New Concord, Ohio

January, 2006: Delaware, Ohio

December, 2005: Cincinnati, Ohio

November, 2005: Westerville, Ohio

October, 2005: Cleveland, Ohio

September, 2005: Wilmington, Ohio

August, 2005: Akron, Ohio

July, 2005: Madison, Ohio

June, 2005: Sunbury, Ohio

May, 2005: Bellefontaine, Ohio

April, 2005: Fairview, Ohio

March, 2005: Twinsburg, Ohio

February, 2005: Bloomingburg, Washington C.H., Xenia, and Chillicothe, Ohio

January, 2005: Richmond, Indiana

December, 2004: Mt. Sterling and London, Ohio

November, 2004: Old Washington, Ohio

October, 2004: Mansfield, Ohio

September, 2004: Bellville, Ohio

July, 2004: St. Clairesville, Ohio

June, 2004: Geneva, Ohio

May, 2004: Cambridge, Ohio

April, 2004: Erie, Pennsylvania

March, 2004: Reynoldsburg, Ohio

February, 2004: Springfield, Ohio

January, 2004: Zanesville, Ohio

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