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Where's the Museum?

    You might wonder where to find the Museum of the Open Road. Where's the location? Where's our building?

    Well, let's think outside the box on this oneor, more accurately, outside the building. Museums house collections of objects that remind us where we came from, who we are. They give glimpses into the past, and they also help us understand the choices we can make to determine our future. 

    But things that tell us about ourselves and where we came from aren't necessarily preserved in a display case. They're also scattered throughout everyday life. When we drive a highway, we're surrounded by them: clues about the people and ways of life in this region.

^ A community we're passing by: Who named this place? Why did they choose the name?

^ The land: Is it hilly, mountainous, flat? How did it get that way? What effect has the shape of the land had on the human communities that have settled here?

^ The crops we see: Why are they grown here? What do they contribute to the life of the people in this area?

^ An old barn: What does its design tell us about the background of those who constructed it?

^ A factory complex: What's built in there? Would we recognize the finished product if we saw it? What's it used for?

^ A forested area, wildlife we might glimpse through the trees or in the skies, a meadow: What grows and lives here? 

^ What looks weathered and neglected? What looks new? And what does this tell us about the past, present, and future of the region?

^ The clustering of fast food, motels, and gas stations at the interchanges: Each of these companies has a story. What are these stories, and why do they matter to us?

^ The highways themselves: Why were they built in this location? Who built them? Why? What have been the effects?

    We’re a Museum because we show things that remind us where we came from, who we are.  But we're also of the Open Road because the best exhibits aren't stored behind glass they're all around.

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